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Ravencoin RVN How To Start Mining

Ravencoin mining is a process that relies heavily on the power of your crypto mining rig (GPUs). Each GPU is responsible for solving the complex mathematical problems that underpin the mining process. The more powerful your GPU, the more quickly and efficiently these problems can be solved, which in turn increases your chances of earning […]

DAX Index GER30 Chart

If you have any open positions on a Sunday at 10.40pm, they will roll over into weekday positions at 11.02pm on that same day. Your stops and limits (if placed) will remain in place during the roll-over. Germany 30 is a term used by Capital.com, along with most other leveraged trading provides, for our market […]

DAX Index GER30 Chart

IG’s Germany 30 hours and pricing are derived from corresponding futures elements, but the hours are longer. Note that the market is priced differently if you trade Germany 30 futures compared to trading the index out of hours or on weekends. With us, you can trade the Germany 30 non-stop between 11.02pm on Sunday and […]